The HR and benefits industry is often volatile, and rife with consolidation and compliance complexities. Only Benepay offers a truly integrated, single sign-on suite of services. They needed help to convey this distinction to three different stakeholders: investors, brokers and business owners/HR managers.

Benepay // Benepay Broker Video


Simplicity is the antidote to the regulatory complexities that plague this industry.

Benepay // End User Video


We created a series of videos to convey their unique appeal to each target audience. For investors, we conveyed Benepay’s unique stake in the market. For brokers, we illustrated how Benepay has a method to help reestablish their voice. And for business owners and HR directors, we shared how Benepay’s approach to business aligns with their own. Through colorful animation and clear messaging, our videos helped break down Benepay’s complex solution into a simple, compelling story for everyone.