Decoding Dev Speak: Strategy and Design

This is part one in a three-part series breaking down the terms web developers most want their team to know – and the terms the team find themselves most confused by.

To non-developers, website meetings can feel like navigating a foreign bazaar filled with unfamiliar words and trinkets. Sometimes, the instinct is to throw around phrases like “shared hosting” or “parallax scrolling” without really knowing what they mean. But then you could end up with an exotic brass lamp you have nowhere to put – or a website you don’t understand.

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5 Graphic Design Trends You’re Seeing Everywhere

Just like fashion or furniture, graphic design trends go in and out of style. Designers are visual communicators, and these evolving trends influence almost everything we see, from package design and book covers to websites and social media.

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Breaking the Rules: A Copywriter’s Conundrum

A copywriter attacks their work very differently than a novelist or poet.

While it’s tempting to think that anyone who can write well can write copy, at the end of the day, copy is a business – a form of writing that balances factors very different from those that guide, say, a professor of literature.

Because of these factors, copywriters are often confronted with a game of creative chess centered around grammar.

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Making a good creative brief great: the thinking behind the thinking

Powerful creative work is impactful, emotional, engaging and enduring. But, have you considered what it takes to develop it?

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UX for the rest of us: Building a user-friendly website

As advertisers, we’re in the business of knowing people. That’s been true since this industry began – and in recent years we’ve seen a new angle: user experience (UX) design.

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How to stay inspired

Every organization needs creativity to thrive, but in today’s new working environments, inspiration can be difficult to find. Anxieties are high, routines have shifted and it feels more challenging than ever to access our creative selves and motivate our teams. But it’s not impossible.

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If they’re already customers, stop selling and start engaging!

There is a magical moment when a person who is attracted to your brand goes from being a prospect to being a new customer. It’s a moment to be heralded for them and for your brand, because it marks what could be the beginning of a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. However, communication is key.

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Nimble thinking never takes a break.

In a few short weeks, COVID-19 has changed everything. It’s changed everything about our approach to daily life. And it’s posed tremendous – in some cases, existential – challenges to businesses large and small.

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Updates regarding COVID-19

To our faithful friends, clients, colleagues and co-creators throughout the city and across the nation,

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