How to stay inspired

Every organization needs creativity to thrive, but in today’s new working environments, inspiration can be difficult to find. Anxieties are high, routines have shifted and it feels more challenging than ever to access our creative selves and motivate our teams. But it’s not impossible.

Creativity is often viewed as an inherent talent or trait. But in reality – it’s a process and a practice. You can cultivate creative thinking by making it a habit. By continually activating your mind in new ways, you’ll naturally prime yourself for ideation and exploration. Be playful. Stay curious. And encourage your employees and colleagues to find their favorite ways to get inspired. Here are some tricks that we use at M to ignite the spark.

Experience nature

Venture outdoors to discover fresh surroundings and a vibrant landscape. Adventuring to new environments helps disrupt our creative blocks and revitalizes the spirit – and you don’t have to go far. Take a drive to a park or wooded area, start an herb garden or switch up your neighborhood walk to get a different perspective.

Use your hands

When was the last time you picked up a colored pencil or handwrote a letter? The meditative act of using our hands helps us relax and encourages creativity. As children, play was essential to our learning. And as adults, it’s essential for our imagination. Whether you’re building Legos or crafting a collage, give yourself the freedom to play without judgment and create without the pressure of perfection.

Expose yourself to new things

We are all creatures of habit. It’s easy to forget that we need new activities to stimulate our senses. Listen to music in another language. Take a virtual tour of a museum. Dabble with baking or fermentation. There’s nothing quite like creating new opportunities for yourself to feel inspired and excited.

Take a digital break

It’s no surprise that screen usage is up. It’s crucial for our mental health to take breaks and give our imagination some exercise. Time relaxing in a bath or hammock can help spark that breakthrough you’ve been searching for. Quieting our environments makes it easier for us to hear our intuition and stretch our subconscious thinking.

Go down memory lane

Pull out that dusty photo album. Do you remember how you felt that day? Nostalgia can be a beautiful way to connect with a different part of ourselves. Listen to the music you loved as a teenager, read through old letters or browse through your high school yearbook. You may be surprised how old memories can spark new ideas.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to staying inspired. Some days our ideas flow like a waterfall, and on others it can take real effort to get our creative engines started. It’s a mindful journey – one that can be challenging and extremely rewarding. Remind your team that we all are a fountain of ideas – there is no limit to what we can create or solve. And when it comes to creativity, practice makes perfect. Simply give yourself the permission to begin.