Updates regarding COVID-19

To our faithful friends, clients, colleagues and co-creators throughout the city and across the nation,

We are, at heart, a community-based company, and as such, community is something we hold dear. So, just as we have been faithfully following the CDC’s guidelines for how to best protect ourselves, our working environment and one another from COVID-19, we have now made the transition to fully operating our agency virtually so that our staff may work with greater peace of mind from the comfort of their homes. We will do this for the next two weeks to further help reduce the spread of the coronavirus throughout the community we love.

During this time, we are fully operational, we’re open during our normal business hours, and we will devote ourselves to creating the same high level of meaningful strategic and creative work that our clients, collaborators and colleagues count on us to provide.

Just as always, we will respond to emails and phone calls in a timely fashion. Just as always we will create thoughtful work in a timely fashion. And just as always, we will work together and support one another in every way.

Thank you!

– Your friends at M