You Win

You Win is an all-in-one online shopping destination designed to engage and retain members with deals on dining, travel, entertainment and more. Following the site’s launch, they needed a data-driven strategy that would increase member retention, as well as fuel member acquisition.


Online shopping is a game – with winners and losers.


Our research found that a significant majority of 50+ men and women consider online shopping as a game of cat and mouse. Finding that perfect deal is exhilarating. We wanted to share that excitement by celebrating the little victories of members in the know.

So we created You Win – a campaign that struck a research-validated nerve with our online-shopping audience by showing what winning feels like through personalized direct mail, digital banner ads, emails, and a print ad in AARP Magazine.


  • 6.7% direct mail response rate
  • Expected email CTR exceeded by 1.78%
  • 4.59% email campaign CTR
  • Email drove CPC rates down to $0.79