Pier Nicola D’Amico

Featured Artist Pier Nicola D’Amico

Nic, as he’s known to friends and clients alike, is a photographer/director with over 25 years of shooting experience, including many high-profile sports and celebrity bookings. In addition to his own still photography work at D’Amico Studios, Nic is a founder and principal at two Philadelphia-based shops: Klip Collective, pioneers of video projection mapping for advertising and art applications, and Monogram, an innovative video production and post house.

Nic worked with Monogram Director of Production and Post Kevin Ritchie on this project for M, shooting over 2,000 still frames of the iconic M logo in-camera at various iconic Philadelphia locations. The frames were then sequenced and composited by Monogram’s graphics department.

Featured Artist // Monogram // M Logo

Featured Artist - Monogram - Production Reel

Featured Artist - Monogram - GFX Reel

Featured Artist - Monogram - Color Reel


Featured Artist - Monogram - XFINITY