The 50-something

Smart. Savvy. And spending money. So... how come nobody’s paying attention to them?

44% of the U.S. adult population | 70% of U.S. disposable income (yet they are largely ignored by marketers)

Forget everything
you know about the 50+

Over the hill? Winding things down? It’s time to understand why everything you’ve been taught about the over-50 set is wrong – and why those with the most disposable income are marketed to the least. But moreover, why together we can do something about it.

50-something is the new 30-something

The 50 and over crowd are a study in action. They’re transforming their lives. Traveling. Going back to school. Starting new business ventures. And yup, raising kids. The’ve got things to do, people to see and places to go. And they’re spending money doing it – a trillion dollars more than anyone 45 and under.

How much more do they spend annually than 18-34 year olds? 2x | 90% with a HHI of $75,000+ are online – and shopping

We know how to inspire the 50+

Our experience in reaching this valuable target ranges from Tech, CPG and Consumer Services to Retail, Travel and Healthcare.

Through our partnerships we provide access to unrivaled data on the buying behaviors of the millions of consumers in this demographic.

Bottom line: We have the resources you need to market to anyone over 50.

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50+ Insight

Online shopping is a game –
with winners and losers.

New to the scene as an online shopping destination, was originally designed to bolster member engagement. To do so effectively, AARP needed a data-driven strategy that would increase member retention, as well as fuel new member acquisition.


We created You Win, a campaign that struck a research-validated nerve with men and women over 50 who actively shop online.

The insight? A significant majority of 50+ men and women consider online shopping as a game of cat and mouse. They’re on the prowl for an attractive deal. Getting it makes them feel victorious. Getting it without breaking a sweat makes them feel like winners. You Win achieves this by celebrating the little victories of members in the know.


Tapped for both our strategic and creative capabilities, M has been responsible to a sweeping range of creative executions for AARP that deliver big results.

Our direct email efforts have yielded a 6.7% response rate. Our HTML email campaigns have produced an average click-through rate (CTR) of 4.59%. The email campaign exceeded the expected CTR of 1.78% and drove cost-per-click rates (CPC) down from the expected CPC of $2.02 to just $0.79.

50+ Insight

Age is an opportunity for personal reinvention.


A division of Luxotica, EyeMed sought to rise above the me-too product limitations of the vision insurance category, and to do so with a specific focus on post-career Americans.


We created a campaign that made an emotional connection by acknowledging that EyeMed pays careful attention to men and women transitioning to life after work (even if others do not) with products designed especially for them – all while paying tribute to the audience’s focus on those details that matter most in life.


This is an age group that prefers to see life as a very personal journey, rather than one determined by stages common to all. Yet, there is currently a universal truth that the richer benefits available to those in full-time corporate careers are in markedly short supply once one has left the world of employee-sponsored benefits.

This insight allowed us to connect with men and women in the act of transforming their lives by demonstrating that we care about the same things they do. And it’s a position supported by data. 91.3% of men and women aged 55+ wear some kind of vision correction – nearly 78% of them wear eyeglasses. And among eyeglass wearers 55 and over, 40% wear two pairs.

Who we’ve helped

  • AARP
  • AON
  • National Council on Aging
  • Seacrest Village
  • Eye Med
  • AARP Roadside Assistance from Allstate
  • Welmedix Consumer Healthcare
  • Matrix Medical Network
  • Pfizer
  • Walgreens

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